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Author:  Aube [ Tue 10 Jan 2012 22:00 ]
Post subject:  TUTORIAL [eng] RBRdll

Message de Villou


Plusieurs personnes se demandent :

Comment fonctionne RBR DLL?
A quoi sert-il?

Premièrement, RBR DLL est très utile au niveau des ralentis...
Il permet de jouer avec la vitesse de défilement de l'image...
Insert sert à monter crescendo la vitesse du ralenti.
Delete sert à descendre chrescendo la vitesse du ralenti.
Home sert à remettre le vitesse du ralenti sur 1X.
Page Up sert à faire défiler le ralenti en accélèré.
Page Down sert à faire défiler le ralenti en vitesse lente.

La touche APP est très utile aussi.

(screen à insérer)

Bon, dans le jeu pour avoir un "rendu de l'image" un peu spécial (l'effet HDR en gros, avec des reflets de umières accentués) : Appuyez sur la touche APP + P

Je n'ai plus de tête les autres utilités dans le jeu mais dès que je le saurai, je vous le dirai quand je le saurai ;)


Message de Mrhorsepower

Readme :

RBRdll adds a "glare" postprocessing effect, enables replay
minihud, allows time acceleration/deceleration during replays,
adds an FPS meter, allows recording fixed-framerate AVI's,
enables new camera views, allows editing stage pacenotes,
allows three separate car setup slots for each rally, adds
mod directory support and allows to force the game to run
in a windowed mode.

To use RBRdll, run RBRdll.exe. This will launch Richard
Burns Rally with the new features enabled.

These keys can be used in-game to control RBRdll:

Time controls (during replay):
- Insert: Fast forward (hold down)
- Del: Slow motion (hold down)
- End: Pause time (hold down)
- Page Up: Accelerate time
- Page Down: Decelerate time
- Home: Reset time acceleration

Postprocessing controls:
- App-P: Postprocessing on/off
- App-Page Up: Blur strength up
- App-Page Down: Blur strength down
- App-Home: Darkening strength up
- App-End: Darkening strength down
- App-Insert: Blur Hardlight strength up
- App-Delete: Blur Hardlight strength down

AVI Recording:
- App-R: Start/resume recording
- App-E: Pause recording
- App-T: Stop recording

- App-M: Replay minihud on/off
- App-H: Help screen on/off
- App-F: FPS meter on/off
- App-N: Pacenote editor on/off
- Backspace: Drop/restore camera (replay)
- Backspace: Pause/unpause (pacenote editor)

The "App" key is the application key, located between the right
windows key and the right ctrl.

You can change various default settings by editing RBRdll.cfg
with a text editor (like Notepad). When changing settings
in-game using the keyboard shortcuts, the settings are not
saved to the configuration file.

 mod directories

Mod directories allow to use modified game files without
overwriting the original files, and allows to easily switch
between different "mods".

To enable a mod directory, run RBRdll.exe with a -mod=dirname
commandline parameter, where 'dirname' is the name of the
directory to load the game files from. After this, the game
will always first try to load any file from the mod directory,
and if it isn't found it will use the original one.

For example, you could place the audio.dat from the numeric
pacenotes mod to a directory named 'numnotes' under the
RBR directory, and run RBR with -mod=numnotes parameter to
use numeric pacenotes, and just run RBR normally to use the
original pacenotes.

You can also use multiple mod directories by separating
them with ';'. For example, -mod=mod1;mod2 would search
both 'mod1' and 'mod2' directories for game files before
using the originals. If a file exists in multiple mod
directories, the one found first will be used.

If a mod directory contains a directory named 'SavedGames'
and/or 'Replays', all savegames and replays will always be saved
to, and loaded from those directories when the mod directory
is in use.

 the pacenote editor

The pacenote editor can be used to edit the stage pacenotes
while playing. To open up the editor, press app-N in-game.

Use the editor with the mouse. At the left side of the screen
there is a real time 'top-down' view of your car, with pace-
notes ahead and behind you displayed as circular lines. Normal
notes are displayed in white, distance calls are displayed
in blue, and start/finish lines as red. You can left click at
the notes to select them, or right click to add a new note.

To change the note type click at the buttons in the middle of
the screen, and to change the extended flags use the buttons
at the right side of the screen. To move a note, drag it with
the left mouse button down in the pacenote bar. To delete a
note, select it, and while keeping the left mouse button down
click the right mouse button.

The three small buttons at the bottom left part of the screen
can be used to zoom the pacenote bar in and out, and toggle
autoselecting on and off (to automatically select notes as
you drive past them, normal notes only). The mouse wheel can
also be used to zoom the pacenote bar.

When you are done editing the pacenotes, click the save button
to save the notes. Note that you have to restart the stage for
the game to reload the new notes. You can also click reset to
reload the pacenotes in the editor, or undo to reset the currently
selected note to what it was before you selected it.

Note! The editor edits the game files (maps/track-XX_X.dls)
directly, and can therefore potentially break your game or
make future patches or mods not work. When you load a stage
for the first time with RBRdll active, RBRdll will attempt
to create a backup of the original stage notes to rbrdll/backups/
directory. In case something goes wrong, copy the backups
from that directory to the RBR maps directory.

 the avi recorder

The AVI recording feature records an AVI file with a fixed frame-
rate (set in the config file). Press App-R in-game to begin
recording, and App-T to stop. You can also press App-E to pause
the recording to change the camera view for example.

By default the AVI compressor uses uncompressed format, which
takes alot of space (For example, one second of 800x600 video
with 30 frames per second requires about 55MB of space). To
change the compressor, run RBRdll with '-confrec' commandline
parameter. The AVI compressor is ran in a separate thread, so
if you have a multiprocessor or hyperthreading system the
compression can take advantage of that.

When recording in fullscreen mode, make sure the compressor
you use doesn't pop up any status or notification windows
while recording as RBR doesn't like task switching in
fullscreen mode.

The AVI recording can use two different sources for frames,
the backbuffer or the frontbuffer. Using the back buffer is much
faster, but requires the direct3D device to be created with
a lockable back buffer which can reduce performance with some
3D cards. It is recommended to enable the backbuffer method
from the config when doing recordings and disable it when
playing the game normally.

The recorded AVI files only include video, so if you want
sounds to your video you need to record them with a separate
program while running the replay normally.

Automatic avi splitting can be configured from the config,
which automatically cuts the avi file recording and resumes
in another file when a certain size is reached. The default
setting is 2GB, which should work well for most uses. The
avi recorder, and the size counter break at 4GB so set the
limit below that.

 version history

* 1.3:
 - RBR v1.02 support (SSE version only)
 - Added option to enable three separate car setup slots
   for each rally
 - Added mod directory support
 - Compiler optimizations

* 1.2:
 - Added a pacenote editor
 - Added automatic file splitting into avi recording
 - Fixed bad performance with dynamic car reflections
 - Fixed avi record crash bug in resolutions with weird
   pitch values

* 1.1:
 - Added an avi recording feature
 - Added ability to enable new camera views
 - Fixed FPS meter with dynamic car reflections enabled

* 1.0:
 - First version

 known bugs

- Postprocessing doesn't work with antialiasing enabled

- Enabling replay minihud also enables the other overlays
 too if they are enabled from options. Also the co-driver
 sometimes calls out some countdown notes at the start
 of the replay.
- Key commands can sometimes be "laggy", by reacting late
 to press/release of key.
- Dropping the camera from an in-car or bumber view doesn't
 change the car model to a proper one.

- Frontbuffer based AVI recording doesn't work right in
 windowed mode

- With individual rally setups enabled, the setup names will
 be prefixed with the rally number


RBRdll is made by Kegetys <kegetys>

RBRdll includes code from:
- APIHijack DLL by Matt Pietrek/Wade Brainerd/Wei Junping
- DXDLL by Kegetys/Feersum Endjinn  
- AVI utilities by Lucian Wischik

 license & disclaimer

You are permitted to install and use this software for
personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial,
military or educational use is strictly forbidden without
permission from the author.

You are free to distribute this software as you wish, as
long as it is kept 100% free of charge, it is not modified
in any way and this readme file is distributed with it.

The author takes no responsibility for any damages this
program may cause, use at your own risk.


Author:  max_limoges87 [ Thu 10 May 2012 12:42 ]
Post subject:  Re: TUTORIAL [eng] RBRdll

Merci beaucoup pour ce tuto !
Par contre, pour éditer les pacenotes des spéciales rajoutées par RSRBR, comment faut-il faire ?
Par exemple, pour éditer les notes de Puy du Lac, je lance RBRdll, je vais dans partie rapide, puis France, je sélectionne Puy du Lac (qui a remplacé Côte d'Arbroz), et je me retrouve avec les bonnes notes de copilote orales, mais pas sur le pacenote editor (où ce sont celles de Côte d'Arbroz qui s'affichent). J'ai grillé une étape ?

Author:  PHIL63 [ Fri 11 May 2012 08:51 ]
Post subject:  Re: TUTORIAL [eng] RBRdll

Pour le moment tu ne peux pas de manière simple en utilisant RBRDll.

Author:  max_limoges87 [ Fri 11 May 2012 14:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: TUTORIAL [eng] RBRdll

Ah finalment si, en jouant avec des copier-coller et un dossier backup, ça va, mais il y a du boulot pour refaire toutes les spéciales. J'ai trouvé ceci après plusieurs heures de recherches, si ça peut aider qui que ce soit (c'est ce qui m'a sauvé) :

Nom : Kaihuavaara
Chemin + Num : track-10
Slot lancement : 10
Nom : Mustaselka
Chemin + Num : track-11
Slot lancement : 11
Nom : Sikakama
Chemin + Num : track-12
Slot lancement : 12
Nom : Autiovaara
Chemin + Num : track-13
Slot lancement : 13
Nom : Kaihuavaara II
Chemin + Num : track-14
Slot lancement : 14
Nom : Mustaselka II
Chemin + Num : track-15
Slot lancement : 15
Nom : Sikakama II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-12
Slot lancement : 12
Nom : Autiovaara II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-13
Slot lancement : 13

Nom : Harwood Forest
Chemin + Num : track-20
Slot lancement : 20
Nom : Falstone
Chemin + Num : track-21
Slot lancement : 21
Nom : Chirdonhead
Chemin + Num : track-22
Slot lancement : 22
Nom : Shepherds Shield
Chemin + Num : track-23
Slot lancement : 23
Nom : Harwood Forest II
Chemin + Num : track-24
Slot lancement : 24
Nom : Chirdonhead II
Chemin + Num : track-25
Slot lancement : 25
Nom : Rally School
Chemin + Num : track-71
Slot lancement : 71
Nom : Rally School II
Chemin + Num : track-90
Slot lancement : 71
Nom : Falstone II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-21
Slot lancement : 21
Nom : Shepherds Shield II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-23
Slot lancement : 23
Nom : Sweet Lamb
Chemin + Num : track-158
Slot lancement : 20

Nom : NewBobs
Chemin + Num : track-31
Slot lancement : 31
Nom : Greenhills
Chemin + Num : track-32
Slot lancement : 32
Nom : Mineshaft
Chemin + Num : track-33
Slot lancement : 33
Nom : East-West
Chemin + Num : track-34
Slot lancement : 34
Nom : NewBobs II
Chemin + Num : track-35
Slot lancement : 35
Nom : East-West II
Chemin + Num : track-36
Slot lancement : 36
Nom : Mineshaft II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-33
Slot lancement : 33
Nom : Greenhills II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-32
Slot lancement : 32

Nom : Cote d'Arbroz
Chemin + Num : track-41
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Joux Verte
Chemin + Num : track-42
Slot lancement : 42
Nom : Bisanne
Chemin + Num : track-43
Slot lancement : 43
Nom : Joux Plane
Chemin + Num : track-44
Slot lancement : 44
Nom : Joux Verte II
Chemin + Num : track-45
Slot lancement : 45
Nom : Cote d'Arbroz II
Chemin + Num : track-46
Slot lancement : 46
Nom : Bisanne II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-43
Slot lancement : 43
Nom : Joux Plane II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-44
Slot lancement : 44
Nom : Puy du lac
Chemin + Num : track-1012
Slot lancement : 41

Nom : Noiker
Chemin + Num : track-51
Slot lancement : 51
Nom : Sipirkakim
Chemin + Num : track-52
Slot lancement : 52
Nom : Pirka Menoko
Chemin + Num : track-53
Slot lancement : 53
Nom : Tanner
Chemin + Num : track-54
Slot lancement : 54
Nom : Noiker II
Chemin + Num : track-55
Slot lancement : 55
Nom : Tanner II
Chemin + Num : track-56
Slot lancement : 56
Nom : Sipirkakim II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-52
Slot lancement : 52
Nom : Pirka Menoko II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-53
Slot lancement : 53

Nom : Fraizer Wells
Chemin + Num : track-61
Slot lancement : 61
Nom : Prospect Ridge
Chemin + Num : track-62
Slot lancement : 62
Nom : Diamond Creek
Chemin + Num : track-63
Slot lancement : 63
Nom : Hualapai Nation
Chemin + Num : track-64
Slot lancement : 66
Nom : Prospect Ridge II
Chemin + Num : track-65
Slot lancement : 65
Nom : Diamond Creek II
Chemin + Num : track-66
Slot lancement : 66
Nom : Hualapai Nation II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-64
Slot lancement : 66
Nom : Fraizer Wells II
Chemin + Num : NS\track-61
Slot lancement : 61
Nom : The W
Chemin + Num : track-1401
Slot lancement : 61

'Czeck Republic
Nom : Pribram
Chemin + Num : track-92
Slot lancement : 42
Nom : Pribram R
Chemin + Num : NS\track-92
Slot lancement : 41

Nom : RSI Drift
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S6\track-141
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : RSI 1
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S6\track-138
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : RSI 2
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S6\track-139
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : RSI 3
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S6\track-140
Slot lancement : 41

Nom : Mlynky tarmac
Chemin + Num : track-141
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Mlynky snow
Chemin + Num : track-142
Slot lancement : 15
Nom : Peklo Tarmac
Chemin + Num : track-143
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Peklo Snow
Chemin + Num : track-144
Slot lancement : 15
Nom : Peklo Tarmac R
Chemin + Num : track-146
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Peklo Snow R
Chemin + Num : track-147
Slot lancement : 15
Nom : Mlynky R
Chemin + Num : track-156
Slot lancement : 41

'World stages
Nom : Canyon
Chemin + Num : track-1000
Slot lancement : 36
Nom : PTD RallySprint
Chemin + Num : track-107
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Paddys
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S4\track-33
Slot lancement : 33
Nom : Jourdain
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S5\track-33
Slot lancement : 33
Nom : Versme
Chemin + Num : track-145
Slot lancement : 61
Nom : Bergheim
Chemin + Num : track-125
Slot lancement : 41

'Hill Climb
Nom : Cote d'Arbroz v.1
Chemin + Num : CC1\track-41
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Joux Verte v.1
Chemin + Num : CC1\track-42
Slot lancement : 42
Nom : Bisanne v.1
Chemin + Num : CC1\track-43
Slot lancement : 43
Nom : Joux Plane v.1
Chemin + Num : CC1\track-44
Slot lancement : 44
Nom : Bisanne v.2
Chemin + Num : CC2\track-43
Slot lancement : 43
Nom : Joux Verte v.2
Chemin + Num : CC2\track-45
Slot lancement : 45
Nom : Diamond Creek v.1
Chemin + Num : CC2\track-63
Slot lancement : 63
Nom : Prospect Ridge v.1
Chemin + Num : CC2\track-62
Slot lancement : 62
Nom : Joux Plane v.2
Chemin + Num : CC3\track-44
Slot lancement : 44
Nom : Bisanne v.3
Chemin + Num : CC3\track-43
Slot lancement : 43
Nom : Fraizer Wells v.1
Chemin + Num : CC3\track-61
Slot lancement : 61
Nom : Joux Verte v.3
Chemin + Num : CC3\track-42
Slot lancement : 42

Nom : Pribram S1
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S1\track-92
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Pribram S2
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S2\track-92
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Pribram S3
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S3\track-92
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : Portugal SS18
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S4\track-114
Slot lancement : 41
Nom : RSI - Slalom PLP
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S6\track-138
Slot lancement : 41
Name : Lyon-Gerland
Chemin + Num : SuperS\S7\track-131
Slot lancement : 44
Nom : ROC 2008
Chemin + Num : track-148
Slot lancement : 41

Author:  VERY FAST TEAM [ Sat 18 Aug 2012 11:50 ]
Post subject:  Re: TUTORIAL [eng] RBRdll

Comment on peu faire pour utiliser les slot de lancement pour les autres pistes?

Par example, pour editer le notes de Minishaft 2 que dois-je faire?

Merci d'avance.

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